Sue MacDougall is an established artist who was born in New Zealand and moved to live on Aegina island in Greece many years ago. In 2017, she moved back to New Zealand and visits Greece at least once a year now.

Recognized for her bold and colourful work in different mediums that create structure, depth, movement and texture, nothing excites her more than taking up her brushes and directing her energy into every stroke. This is a slow progress of building up the image, in which time has no relevance in the creation of her work, work which absorbs her completely.

As an artist her temperament is the motivating factor, that which gives form to her passion. It is easy to be captivated and respond to the feelings inherent in the paintings.

Light is an important factor when using colours. This is why living on the island of Aegina in Greece, which is famous for the luminosity and clarity of its light, is an ideal place for a painter such as Sue to have her studio.

The colours of a painting can be calming or stimulating and can complement all types of décor – and it is so easy to find attractive works for all settings among Sue’s collection.

Sue’s main influences come from the ‘”Blue Rider Group”’ which included artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Gabrielle Munter.

Many of her works are sold overseas. This is done by courier or by registered mail.

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