July 30, 2015  |  By: smacd

I wanted to visit 4 art galleries while in Rome, Italy during the month of June.

1st gallery – Chiostro Del Bramante  – exhibiting Marc Chagall which I featured in my last blog.

2nd gallery – MACRO – This gallery is quite away from the Centre of Rome so decided to take a taxi which costs me 15euros. It’s a pity on the day I visited they were closing early so I had to rush around 3 floors + 3 different buildings all within 1 1/2 hours. I found the most amazing set of 7 owls heads on a white tablecloth with lace around the edge. The features were beautiful, what a great idea. Another artist stood out for me was from Iran – Avish Khebrehzadeh as her work was so light and dream like with her drawings on canvas too. There was one that draw me to her work whic was of a peace bird flying down to a girl.

3rd gallery – Borghess Gallery and Museum – A must but one has to book in advance which I did not do so never got into it. Next time in Rome, I must book beforehand. It is set in a hugh park/garden so I walked for over an hour enjoying the park and garden instead. Magnificence, grandeur and majesty line of large tree lining the footpaths.

4th gallery – Galleria Marie Laure Fleisch which I had looked up online and looked interested!!! I just could not find it after walking around and around the streets of Rome so set off back to my hotel…..

In all 2 out of 4 is not bad going!!!! I always enjoy walking around Rome, enjoying people watching, loving the food, wine etc.etc.etc. And of course the Ice Creams.

That night I meet up with 11 other New Zealanders for dinner at Baccano by the Trevi Fountain (which is not working at present, hugh restoration going on). Great yummy Veal Shank and the best Martini I have had for a long time made with Monkey 47 Gin.    Monkey 47 Gin is from Germany, a very nice drop indeed!!!

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