June 29, 2017  |  By: smacd

This past week I have met up with two groups of ex-pats women in Greece. Tuesday I went with another Kiwi friend across to Athens by ferryboat then the Metro to have lunch with the group called LOL (Ladies Who Lunch) at a very old tavern in the heart of Athens called ‘Two Doors’ or Dipoto Agoras. So much fun with English, American, Canadian and NZers women and have a great time ‘girl-talk’. Then Thursday night was WOW (Women of the World) monthly dinner at Manitas, Aegina. It was a big night for myself, because I spoke about my art, how I came to live in Aegina. At both groups there were many familiar faces and it was wonderful to meet and welcome new faces too. I felt great having so many people support me.

But I wasn’t perfect giving my talk as I made a few mistakes while reading out my talk. It’s not good to ever point out my mistakes because most people won’t notice anyways. Why I am sharing it with you is because there’s a lesson here for all of us? ah?

You see, I dream of being able to be a talented public speaker, engaging and leaving people with something they can take home and remember forever. Maybe I have been successful with my talk? as a couple of women did open up to me after my talk!! SUCCESS!!!

But, I decided to allow myself to not be PERFECT!!! Been mindful that I forgive myself for my mistakes. And just to continue, knowing that with each new creation or effort, I am becoming better at it.

What about you? Is there something you have been that holds you back from doing?? because of the fear of making, mistakes or not being good enough? What about letting or allowing yourself to not be perfect…..join the CLUB with me!!!!

It’s something to think about. Take Care.

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