November 6, 2015  |  By: smacd

Well Hello there to all my ‘Art Tribe’.

How are things going in your part of the world?

For myself, I have been very busy making more of my ARM ADORNMENTS as my New Zealand Art Tribe have been asking me for different ones, especially with the use of NZ Paua (Sea Opal) Shell which I am using along side the usually crystals, gems and pearls that I use all the time. Also I have found some beautiful coloured jewellery wire in the shades of Reds, Blues, Greens and Black that has taken me away from the golds and silver wires. To tell you the truth I am very impressed with the results too.

Plus my  ‘Guardian Angels’ charms have become popular and are selling well so must make more of them as I donor all the process to Animal Shelter on the island of Aegina, Greece.  They sell for 5euros each.

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