November 19, 2015  |  By: smacd

You can say that again Picasso!!! Because after reading this quote by him, it reminded me of why I went back to finish off this painting of the Seafront Buildings of AEGINA.

AEGINA is where I live in Greece which is a beautiful island  in the Saronic Gulf and close to Athens.

Rediscovering these old buildings every time I come back into the harbour, always makes me think and question, what where these building built for and for whom? before they have been turned in mainly restaurants and cafes as they are nowadays.

This time I took different parts of buildings to bring alive past times.

Also I have posted a photo of this painting onto Facebook to which someone has commented:

‘I saw almost human-faces in each the houses!!’

This means a lot to me when I have people comment on my work or email with questions or comments.

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