July 21, 2018  |  By: smacd

Well it has been a wee while since I blogged last time as I settle back into life in my homeland of New Zealand.
Quite a different in temperatures as here it is winter whereas I left behind the summer months of Greece. An quite surprise how it is not as cold as I thought it would be, which is great. I now have moved outside of Auckland while I house sit in an area I wish to purchase my own home and set up a studio etc. The area is named Bay of Plenty which is about 2 + hours drive south of Auckland on the Pacific Sea Coastline. There is a lot of farms/orchards here which grown mainly kiwifruit,avocados and citrus fruits.
There is no one teaching Encaustic Wax paintings, so I wish to start classes down here as I have done in Auckland.
Also I was thinking that almost artists I know who works in wax has come to this medium through another disciplines too. Looking so forward to introducing this medium to others. I am showing you one of my Encaustic works from last years, as it has lovely warm colours to brighten up ones days..
Plus I am starting to use silk materials with my Encaustic and am finding this so challenging but rewarding too.
Still have not obtain the finished art I wish to present to the world as yet!!! I think the colder air is not helping with my process too.
Am about the release more details about my art course in Aegina, Greece too. Am working alongside a travel agents which specialises in art tours.

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