December 28, 2015  |  By: smacd

So now that Christmas is over with for another year, I am now looking so forward to the new year – the Chiness New Year will be the year of the Monkey
Also look forward to setting up my NZ studio at my son’s garage.
It will not have the outlook of the Sardonic Gulf as I did have in Aegina, Greece but will be enjoying the summer months while Greece has their winter months.
Light is an important part of where I paint so will make sure there is a lot of light with the garage doors open as the garage is underneath my son’s home.
Enjoying the New Zealand native forests here with its bird life is so uplifting for me. At present I am house-sitter and looking after ‘Cooper’ a lovely golden Labrador dog whom I walk twice a day in a close by native forest park which I enjoy looking around and enjoying the NZ’s amazing different native trees and forage as a plenty reminder that is only here in New Zealand’s – their lush green forage.

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