May 6, 2018  |  By: smacd

The other day a new posting on Facebook appeared from a kiwi friend of mine who organised the Legato Exhibition in Italy back in 2014. I actually went over to meet her and delivery this work to the exhibition. It was an honor to to visit where our WWII New Zealand soldiers had been in Cassino, Italy and they helped regain Cassino during the war.

This was my very first finished Encaustic Art Works and was exhibited at
Legato Exhibition, Italy
3 May 2014 ·

This new work in encaustic, “Stand Alone” by Sue MacDougall was the start of many of the series ‘Stand Alone’

Later I sold it to a very dear friend of mine in Greece who purchased it for her son as he is living and working over in the UK.

It was a very special place in my heart!!

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