June 30, 2018  |  By: smacd

Hi there one and all,

I decided at the end of last year to close up my Greek apartment and studio for good with the idea of coming back here to visit with other artists once or twice a year. I do wish to bring artists here to enjoy the Greek lifestyle while painting and drawing on a Greek island.

So the decision was made!!!!next was to coming back here to store away all my art equipment/paints/canvases/books etc. in a basement of one of my Greek family’s home. Once I told them what I was doing they offered straightaway to store my effect which is one of the most kindness acts given to me at that time. Since then and been back here I have received many acts of kindness, love, support and understanding of what I am doing at this time in my life.

At present after selling off all my furniture and effects which went into some 30 odd boxes and plastic containers have now gone into storage, my apartment and studio are quite entry. On the day I leave, my lovely IKEA bed will be gone too.
There is a feeling of happy, contentment with my move and am so excited with what will be around the corner for me in NZ.

As there I will start looking to purchase my home and studio again. I have been away permanently for NZ for some 10 years with only visiting and staying with family and friends. So new beginning for sure. I do have a studio down there with lots of my paints, encaustics etc. waiting for me to start new works once I am settled.

People ask me Why did I make this decision. Well after lots of thinking I am becoming busier and again known in NZ more so than there in Aegina, Greece and with many openings coming my way…I will miss Aegina for sure as part of my heart will always here!!! on this amazing Greek island which I have called home for the past 10 years. I will miss the wonderful connection I have with the Greek family I was once married into but they know I will be back!!!

So with my 3 heavy suitcases will be leaving behind many friends, families members and memories of a wonderful 10 years. I took a photo of a container ship leaving Piraeus harbour the other day while visiting another Greek island and saying goodbye to another artist friend of mine. This ship says it all for me sailing away from the Greek shores with many goodies from Greece, as I will be doing shortly. Did you notice the seabird flying over the top of the ship? That ME!!! he he he

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