June 27, 2017  |  By: smacd

Some 3 weeks ago I put on Facebook and Instagram a post asking everyone to vote on what they would like as a High Quality Print from my art work. Everyone who voted was put into a draw and Marta Katzer from Australia won the draw to which she choose ‘Wings to Fly Away on.


Of the top 4 art works that people voted on, I have now had them printed into LIMITED editions of high Quality Giclee Prints. All will be signed by myself alongside the title and numbered.

Beside the ‘Wings to Fly Away on’ there is also available:




As these will be limited prints I am offering them to you first off:

Purchase one print @ 80 euros
two prints @ 140 euros a saving of 20 euros
three prints @ 200 euros a saving of 40 euros
four prints @ 260 euros a saving of 60 euros

I look forward to hearing from you

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