July 27, 2015  |  By: smacd

Well a bit of a sad day for me as I went up to the Animal Shelter today to say goodbye to DEA, the dog I sponsor.

She has found a lovely family home to which she’ll be heading off in September to it. This is the 2nd dog I have sponsored and found a home, so I think I must give them luck. With that I have picked out my 3rd dog today, her name is ‘Lucky Penny’ – so with my luck and her name she should find a home soon!!!

As I can not have animals where I live in an apartment so I feed many street cats every day down the road – plus when needed I take them to the local vets, have had all of them neutered, regularly de-flea and worm them as well plus I sponsor a dog. As you can gather – I am a animal loved!!!

In 2 days time I am flying back to my homeland – New Zealand to visit family and friends and won’t be in my studio until mid September so will blog some of my trips around New Zealand for you. Might even get into my sister’s studio too? That would be a great treat too. My sister, Prue is a printmaker and has a big studio over her garage are of her home. It’s a great space to work in. Lots of material and ideas too.

Catch you later…downunder!!! where the Hobbits live!!! plus the World’s #1 Best Rugby Team – All Black (AB as we call them)

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