May 19, 2017  |  By: smacd

A couple of month ago while I was ‘Down under’ I went across to Melbourne, Australia to visit friends and went along to the John Olsen exhibition ‘The You Beaut Country’ at the National Gallery of Victoria. John Olson is one of Australian’s greatest living artists and is recognized for his energetic and distinctive painting style. There were ceiling paintings where I had to lay down in flat chairs to view the artwork above. It was quite interesting to lay down and be still to view these pieces which had lots of bright happy colours from yellows and oranges to reds. Other artworks where all in the blue colours Just like Picasso. John has done decorated ceramics and tapestries too which were exhibited along with his other works. For myself it was so impressing to view all his works. I feel like John Olsen influenced my work or late after viewing this exhibition.

Click here for 2 of my new encaustics works:

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