July 24, 2015  |  By: smacd

Viewing Marc Chagall’s exhibition was a surprise to me to discover how much of his personally, love for his wife and family especially his Jewish beliefs came across in his work. If you do not know Marc Chagall he lived from 1895 until 1944 and was a Russian Jewish Artist. This exhibition featured 140 drawings, prints and paintings. He wished to offer the world his Jewish culture. His wife Bella and him had one daughter – Ida. Bella wrote 2 books (Burning Lights and First Encounter) which Marc Chagall executed his drawings in it. He used bright colours which are quite accepted nowadays but back then must have been questioned – especially painting blue, yellow, red and greens all along side each other. The description of him by Wikipedia: as a Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Modern art, Fauvism. One of his favour quotes was ‘Only love interest me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love’ – Marc Chagall.  Also Picasso was said to say of him ‘After Matisse, Chagall will be the last painter left who understands what colour is’

Personally as I paint with wonderful bright colours all alongside each other I will think of Marc Chagall with amazing thanks that he was so brave to use colour before I was even born.

It makes me appreciate even more the understanding of colours, without questioning myself when I  pick up a tube of paint and put different colours beside each other.

I was not allowed to take any photos of his work expect for one room in the exhibition which had cutouts of  some of his images which fantasied  me as these images floated around the room, like living in a ‘Marc Chagall Dream World’.

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