February 24, 2018  |  By: smacd
I have blogged before about my brand new art course series ,  which I am holding on the beautiful Greek island of Aegina. This new adventure began as lots of people over the years have  asked me if I would hold these courses. Many people have a strong desire to paint but are really unsure of, or do not know how or where to begin . For many it can be a little scary to even contemplate picking up a paint brush, never mind painting on a canvas.  Are you one of those people?   I know I was in the beginning, and it was remembering that scary beginning that  brought me to where I am today, and brought in me a real yearning to find a way to help and encourage people to find their creative part and to enjoy the experience of watching it grow and flourish. Part of my own creativity and growth included integrating something called Focusing, ( a Life Skill which I came to realise is within all of us, if we can tap into it And so another journey began with Patricia Foster ,who is a Focusing as a Life Skill Trainer in both the UK and Greece.
www.focusinglifeskill.com ) It was after many days and hours of going over my art course with Patricia that  I came up with this course, which I am very excited about , as it satisfies for me the aspects of meeting and relating to, in a gentle way both the scary and creative parts… I invite you to join me on this journey in meeting your own creativity…
I so look forward to hearing back from you by emailing me at kiwisuemac@gmail.com  or have a look at my  FB pages.
The photo of the Aphia Temple on Aegina was taken by   http://www.aeginagreece.com/aegina-island  where you are able to obtain more information.

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