May 27, 2015  |  By: smacd

Inspiration comes by the energies that surround me and the makes me feel part of nature and where I live and travel. Many times I have been asked where did I obtain my inspiration to paint, especially the colours I choice for the series of ‘Saronic Islets’.

Observing the many sunsets here in Aegina, Greece is where they came from. OK – Santorini is so well known for many of their amazing sunsets against those beautiful cliff side white washed houses but I have them here, without many tourists – trying to obtain a good view!!! from my studio and balconies where I live and paint. To which I have peace, the time to reflex and observe these amazing gifts from nature as each day says ‘Goodbye’ and goes into these beautiful range of colours and are presented to me. Inside me, tells me, ‘Paint the colours against the small islets that seem to pop up in the Saronic Seas.

Nature present me a jewel of a present most summer evenings which I am very thankful to view.

Photos by Veronica Lappas  captures these colours in her many photos.

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