June 8, 2015  |  By: smacd

As you can understand from the title of the tour that I have joined for the 2nd time, a NZ tour  following our New Zealand Troops foots step from WWII.  There are 16 of us kiwis  this time and we are going along the trails from Florence up to Trieste. At present its our 5th day of the tour after visiting an amazing garden at La Foce which Iris Origa and your husband built. Her book which is her dairy written due the war and is a great read. ‘War in Val d’ Orcia’ a very brave woman!! Cortona was our next stop which we explored greatly. A breath-taking Italain township…our 2nd day was following were our NZ 4th Armoured Bridage had frought, finding a German out look post in the forest was very interest up on the hill range.  Next onto where ‘Life is Beautiful’ was filmed in Arezzo with it very interesting roads and squares. Villages around every corner, well it seem like it was!! Lots of cyprus trees dotted along the country road sides.

Day 3 and 4 were we meet up with a Historian Setefano Fusi, who introduced us to the most wonderful, gentle people who were the young during the war, telling us their stories plus visiting their monument was very moving experience indeed. Of course a few Mayoral meeting is a must!!

I must say, the food is amazing Italain cuisine and of course wine is flowing greatly by one and all..

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