February 15, 2018  |  By: smacd

I am so excited about these art courses I am holding on the beautiful Greek island of Aegina which is so close to the port of Athens.

I wish to tell you more about the island of Aegina which lies in the heart of the Saronic Gulf surrounded by Agistri and Poros islands in the amazing Saronic Sea where you can swim at many different kinds of idyllic beaches, one such beach is close by the Apollo Hotel where I will be holding my art courses and is your accommodation, the Soto Beach Bar. The course is been helded in Agia Marina which has many souvenir/clothing shops, motorcar/bike hireage, supermarket, bakery,cafes,bars and delicious traditional Greek food at all the  taverns. Also a cash flow machine to obtain you spending money. There are regular direct buses to and from Agia Marina into the main picturesque township of Aegina which stands out for its neoclassical architecture, colourful quarters and lively atmosphere.

Many different villages are close by such as Portes, Vagia and Mesagros just to name a few.  Aegina is famous for growing the Pistachio nuts and you will see the trees dropped around the island. Agis Marina is very close to the Temple of Aphaia. Plus in Aegina there is the old town ruins at the Kolona museum, both are a must visit for every one who stays on Aegina. How about visiting the old settlement of Palaia Chora, or the fishing village of Perdika and/or the ancient olive trees in the valley of Eleonas.

There are many well marked out tracks/walks to enjoy to and I suggest walking up to the top of Mt Oros.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of what Aegina has to offer beside my art courses, so come beforehand or stay longer after to enjoy this unique Greek island. I so look forward to meeting you there!!!


Also just releases is a feature about my art courses on Inventiva which tells you more about the course, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come back to me directly via email. Hear from you shortly?

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