April 5, 2016  |  By: smacd

Where is my ‘Sense of Place’ at present?? I find that moving from Aegina, Greece back to my homeland of New Zealand every year has made me question my ‘Sense of Place’.

To answer that I found that I required to set up a studio here in Auckland, NZ which I called my ‘Sense of Place’ where I learn and try out new ideas and ways of expressing myself in my art.

I started a couple of years ago in Aegina with the medium of ENCAUSTIC which I enjoyed greatly but did not know what is the correct equipment to use of it only knowing it required to be heated up.
Encaustic paint needs to contain wax, resin & colour. The quality of these components & the way in which ingredients interact defines the final character & behavior of the paint. Heat is the solvent for the encaustic medium.

I attended a short course here in Auckland to which it gave me all the information I required for my correct equipment and now am very busy in my NZ studio finishing off Encaustic art works to which a Auckland Gallery is representing my works.
So my ‘Sense of Place’ at present is here in Auckland, NZ. Is it not great when you do find your ‘Sense of Place’ as I have done.

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