January 29, 2018  |  By: smacd

As I think about SUNSHINE I know it is so good for my soul, how about you?

In New Zealand at present we are have this amazing summer weather which is very unusually for us to have these temperatures too. It is breaking records. Personally I love it then mainly because I enjoy warmth and sun even though I do not go out to sunbath. Enjoying  the sun shining with back to me so much for my soul. It makes me very happy, does that effect you that way too? Do tell!!

Plus I have noticed that the sun seems to make the colours of nature harder whereas rain makes it look softer. Have you ever thought or noticed that?

I am in the middle of painting a couple of new Abstract works in Arylic paints and am so enjoy the process which is coming along very slowly. This is mainly because I am out every day down to one of the main beaches around Auckland to enjoy a swim, joining some of my friends to have a wee chat while drying off. The day goes by too quickly!!! when I am enjoying the sunshine, sea and swimming. The evening are nice a long too.

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