August 6, 2018  |  By: smacd

Gosh two emails in one week from clients of mine. Yes I did sell a number of my artworks before I left Greece in June of this year so now some of the people who have purchased some of my artworks have kindly taken the time to photo and send to me images of where they have hung them.
Am over the moon with receiving them!!!
These are from my ENCAUSTIC Wax Works and look so lovely against the old stone walls for a sweet wee cottage in Aegina, Greece. This client actually purchased one artwork first off then came back a week later asking for 2 more works to try out with the other one. To which I was happy to give them to her to try out first before purchasing. Guess what?? they did not come back to me…Great result and just love the stone walls my works are hanging on…What do you think?

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