Kakabeak 04


This is four of six pieces in this series.
Price: $490 each piece

Each small painting captures the vibrant beauty of New Zealand’s native flora right in the heart of your garden. This painting celebrates the striking red blooms of the Kakabeak. With its gracefully arching stems and clusters of bright, beak-shaped flowers, the Kakabeak stands out as a symbol of resilience and natural elegance. Each brushstroke brings to life the plant’s vivid colours and intricate details, set against the lush green backdrop of its foliage. Significance in New Zealand’s botanical heritage and its contribution to the biodiversity of your own garden sanctuary.

Enhance your space with our luxurious gold mirrored finish frames, featuring a striking 7cm depth for an elegant and sophisticated display.

Measurements: 30cm x 30cm x 6cm each piece

Categories: Florals
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