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“Brush strokes give
my paintings energy…”

Heavily inspired by nature and the ever-changing ocean, the works of Sue Mac Dougall bring colour and light to any room.

Now based at home in New Zealand after many years in Greece, Sue is sharing her work and her skills with art lovers in Tauranga and beyond.

Join Sue’s international client base by adding an original artwork to your collection, or attend a course to learn encaustic or cold wax art techniques.

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Original Artworks New Zealand
Original Artworks New Zealand
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Why Purchase Original Artwork from Sue Mac Dougall?

  • ‘KiwiSue’ is a local New Zealand artist with unique style and flair
  • Her one-off, abstract creations are open to personal interpretation
  • Give a one-of-a-kind gift to a friend or loved one
  • There is nothing like owning an original piece of art
  • Change the feel of any room in your home
  • Hang an artwork with a story behind it


This is the award wining piece of artwork which has many layers of colours from Terracottas and Reds as an underneath base with layers of Blues and Purples onto.

This work has many layers of different colors which take the eye into it. The mood was one of deep sadness when my son died but I understand that there is light after great sadness. The Light of the Sword makes me think of a candle alight which is coming through to meet you.


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